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Blockchain Engineer at BlockLab
Project Initiator of terra0
Member of the RIAT Institute For Future Cryptoeconomics
Independent Researcher


Max Hampshire (UK) is a programmer and crypto researcher based in Amsterdam. He holds an MA in Philosophy from the University of Amsterdam, where he studied the Philosophy of Science and the Philosophy of Technology under Dr. Federica Russo.

He is one of three project initators of terra0, a company built on the Ethereum network that provides automated resilience systems for forested ecosystems, and is also a Blockchain engineer at BlockLab in Rotterdam, developing proof-of-concepts and MVPs for the blockchain infrastructure of the future.

He is also a member of the RIAT Institute For Future Cryptoeconomics, engaging in research-through-practice to glimpse the potential interaction possibilities of tomorrow's cryptosphere, and was previously a researcher at the Institute of Network Cultures in Amsterdam.

His work has been presented and discussed at Transmediale, Furtherfield Gallery, Ars Electronica, FIBER, and Het Nieuwe Instituut (amongst others), and has been published and discussed in/by ecocore, Forbes, and re:plublica.